Getting to Know Me: My SL Pet Peeves Meme

I have to admit that this meme by Strawberrysingh, while it seemed like a fun thing at the time, gave me more than a moment’s pause but what the hey! Habitually, I’m a rather private person which, I feel, has been one of the reasons for whatever longevity I’ve had in SL between 2007 to now in the fashion industry. As someone who deals in marketing, inworld and out, I know to put out just enough of what I want known and secret the rest… well, with exception of what manages to slip below radar and I’ve had more than a few of those.

So, without further ado… here’s my list of SL pet peeves:

Getting to Know Me:  My SL Pet Peeves Meme

Random Familiarity & Presumptuousness: This, as it turns out, seems more of a blanket term for a lot of little pet peeves that just seem to come down to one thing: People assuming that one is familiar enough with them (after 1 meeting) to automatically include you in mass TP’s, or group chats, advertising schemes or friend request… for all of the above. It’s not that I’m unfriendly, but a really good friend would respect another’s desire for privacy… or ASK.

Racism: Reverse or otherwise. I’m a strong, Black, woman. I’m proud to be a strong, Black, woman. Just because my skin is in a lighter shade of chocolate does not mean that I am anything but a Black woman. Just because I don’t ghetto-slang, does not mean that I am anything but a Black woman. I realize that this is SL and people have the right to be whoever, and whatever, they choose (and this will probably lead into another pet peeve) does not mean that I am pretending to be anything other than what I am.

Curves Ahead: This has been my lament since I started modeling (and one amongst the group of supermodels who laid the current foundation for modern models in SL – ask your teachers or your teacher’s teachers). One of my pet peeves is having newer, upcoming, models and even agencies, look down their noses at me because I have curves that I will not change, breasts that I will not shrink and a butt that has suddenly become fashionable. I have had these things since first login in 2007 and have not changed an digit since. These numbers have taken me through a very successful career and still pay my sl-bills to this day.

Know Your Craft: Those newer models who like to proclaim ‘supermodel’ but the only thing they really know about the industry (in SL) is how to walk a runway; and barely that. Many don’t even know how to adjust a prim so that it fits their bodies or adjusting their bodies to suit the prim. A supermodel is one who has not only walked runways or sat for photographers, but has run or coordinated everything from styling themselves and other models, to actual shows. They know the workings of the industry from modeling to administration and every step in between. They don’t take the title of supermodel. It is one that is given to them by their peers, their employers and the public that they serve.

Pick up a Dictionary or Thesaurus: One of my biggest pet peeves are people’s growing inability to use the English language (if they’re speaking English, granted). On SL we type, we don’t text. Even with smartphones, most people have some sort of keyboard or another that does not involve multiple pressings of a number key to get the letters they want. Most people who use SL are also attached to the internet and don’t have to worry about overage charges. Apparently there is some sort of text client out there but I won’t really believe that until I see it. What all of this leads to is that we’re all sitting at keyboards so the need to TXT (aka cell phone texting) is unnecessary  You instead of “u”. Your or you’re instead of “ur”. It’s just a few extra letters and they make the world of difference.


Now, and because I know someone’s going to take this some kind of way, none of this is meant as a judgement on anyone in particular or general. These are just a small list of my pet peeves; things that might irritate me but I rarely say anything about. This whole thing is done in fun. Please take it with a grain of salt!

…and know that there is so much more that I didn’t include! 😉


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