Uh Oh! She Did it Again!


The Garment Rack: Poppin Pop Princess

Sometimes, a girl needs a break. Sometimes, the absolute and profound drama of this our Second Lives just grows to be too much; even on the backs of the strong. Sometimes, one just needs to walk away and not think about looking back until that spark of inspiration returns at all, never-mind brightens. That, and a laptop who’d given up the ghost completely were what had, admittedly, kept me away from you all. Away, but far from forgotten!

It seems, too, that those wonderful people who have become long time friends over the last six… yes, SIX, years hadn’t forgotten me either. From those who I call sl-family, to those I send love to even after weeks of not chattering off their ears; every one had gloriously picked up as though not a day untoward went by. So, on that warming note, I welcome you all back with…

The Pop Princess Collection from DCNY, now available at My Attic!

The Garment Rack:  Poppin Pop Princess

Shape: by [I.N.X.X] Body Institute in SL (altered)
Skin: Kelly by {Meghindo’s}
Hair: Closer by Vanity Hair
Outfit: Pop Princess Collection by DCNY @ My Attic
Shoes: Grace Sandal – Elegance Collection by Gos
Accessories: ohoshisama earrings by Mandala
Pose by Del May
Location – Manilism, Grey Matterhttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Grey%20Matter/146/68/24

NB: bold italics indicate featured items/designers


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