The Garment Rack: Show Your Metal

Sometimes, one is presented with a challenge; in this our third week of 52 Weeks of Color Part Deux challenge, where it’s a personal fight to pull away from what might be stereotypical.  After all, in the fun of all of this we strive to be different… to stand out from the crowd, even if just a little.  For some iron might bring thoughts the cold days of winter, or the clicks and ticks of robotic gear.  I, though, hope to convey a bit of both and visit an imaginative desiger, and designs, I haven’t been to in a long time.


The Garment Rack:  Show Your Metal

Shape:  by [I.N.X.X] Body Institute in SL (altered)
Skin:   Lynnsha by [LS] Skins
Hair:   Chiffon HP by Vanity Hair
Outfit: Show Hack by Violator
Shoes:  Prestige Boots by  BAX

Location:  Alpha Point


4 thoughts on “The Garment Rack: Show Your Metal

  1. Awesome picture! I love the motion in it, like you are not posing at all. Not static, but caught in the middle of movement.

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