The Garment Rack: Chantkare Mesh… STAT!

With the unavoidable lure of MESH in the Second Life(tm) landscape it is getting harder and harder to not want… no, need, to update to one of the myriad of viewers (as buggy, laggy and unstable as some of them are) so that one can, at least, see what beauties these talented designers have wrought.

When, just recently, I got this delicious new MESH dress from CHANTKARE I could not help but grin and almost whisper….  “Welcome to the darkside.  We have cookies!”

The Garment Rack:  Chantkare Mesh... STAT!

Shape:  by [I.N.X.X] Body Institute in SL (altered)
Skin:   Lynnsha by [LS] Skins
Hair:   Mimmi by Vanity Hair
Outfit: Stat Mesh Dress by CHANTKARE
Shoes:  D’Anne Pump – Crown Royale by  House of Hucci
Accessories:  Haramita Earring by Mandala, Butterfly Sunglasses by Gos


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