The Garment Rack: DIRAM’s Gaga Lil Monster Mash

In that inventory folder deep enough to lose God, the Titanic and a mailman or two, I had to call this outfit that I wore to KMadd’s official lounge opening my Lady Gaga Melange.  If you look carefully, you may be able to pick out the bits and pieces used to pull this look together from those new DIRAM releases.

Temp 0114_009

Shape:  by [I.N.X.X] Body Institute in SL (altered)
Skin:   Lynnsha by [LS] Skins
Hair:   Amylee by ^;^CaTwA^;^
Outfit: Lady Gaga Fashion Awards, Marry the Night 2 and MTV by ** DIRAM **, Giraffe Tights by Izzie
Shoes:  G Wedges by  Peqe
Accessories:  RINNE Earrings by Mandala, Hibiscus by Je Suis

In case you were wondering, it was a FANTASTIC and fun party; and it was nice to run into some old and familiar faces.  Don’t forget to pick up your copy of L’Homme Magazine…  Rawr.


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