Temptable – Five Years Strong

On January 12th, 2007, a curious former MU*er… (that would be Multi-User Dimension/eXperience etc for y’all who don’t know) logged into Second Life at the invitation of an old friend who thought/hoped it would be an excellent marketing avenue for a mutual business.

She, unfortunately, left but the person she’d invited, Tempest Hennesy, remained.

Temp 2007 2008

In the time since, I have seen great, great, breathtaking loves, debilitating heartbreak, deep loyalties in friendships and, fortunately, few false friends… though a great deal more than I would have preferred.

Temp 2009 2012

Five years and, in that time and as people in SL do, I guess I’ve changed quiet a bit; at least in appearance and cynicism.  How much longer?  The future is open…

…the rest is still unwritten.


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