Mr. Costa Rica Sims 2011

From (left to right) Angelik  Lavecchia, Brendan Marcarthur, Didier Rascon, Pheonix Reyer, Xavier Midal and LesPaul Ibanez

The competition is tight and our winner will continue on to the Mr. Virtual World competition. During the competition each finalist has worked hard to achieve his goal in being crowned Mr. Costa Rica Sims 2011.  These are hard and challenging times and each contestant on his own has proven to be a great choice if they were the winner. This is an exciting time for our finalists and we wish you for you to join us to reach the finish line and finding out who the new crowned Mr. Costa Rica will be.

We are very excited to announce the Mr. Costa Rica Sims 2011 official judges. The judges this year will have a huge part in selecting who will represent the entire Costa Rica Sims. Each judge will critique appearance, presentation, and the final question response for every finalist. Ultimately, their decisions will reflect who will walk away with one of the Costa Rica Sims highest honors.

The Mr. Costa Rica Sims 2011 Judges are……

Kyra Deluxe

Kyra is proud owner of Deluxe Makeup & Skin Studio.  She spends her time in Second Life as an Executive Assistant and Model  for Danae Magazine. Kyra has modeled for several others including Miss Virtual World.

Maxie Daviau

Maxie describes herself as being “Just a normal girly Brit”, she has been a resident of Costa Rica since the beginning of her Second Life adventure.  She has modeled and also reigned as the Miss Costa Rica 2009.  She still enjoys shopping and keeping up with the latest fashions, reading blogs and finding new great places to shop.

Saffia Widdershins

Saffia Widdershins is the CEO of Prim Perfect Publications, the media company which produces Prim Perfect magazine, The Primgraph magazine , the steam punk web comic The Quest for the Golden Prim, and – in association with – Designing Worlds and Metaverse Arts. The organization is shortly officially opening its beautiful new headquarters in Costa Rica Sims, located in San Jose. In her spare time, Saffia likes parties, music, meeting people and exploring beautiful places. She is also working with on the telethon that accompanies Relay for Life of Second Life.

Serene Faith

Serene’s  journey in SL began in July of 2009. What began as a simple curiosity grew to a challenging, fun, and a great second life that gave me an opportunity to meet great people from all over the world. I began pursuing modeling late 2009, attended several academies and contests. My goal was not to become “famous” or “popular”, or a “SLebrity”, but rather to have fun, face challenges, to learn and maybe, if the time was right, be able to reach some success. This happened in December of 2010. After experiencing several castings and contests, finally after over a year in the industry, I won Miss Morea Style 2011 and Miss Virtual World 2011.

Traveller Bade

Traveller is owner of Sartoria, a brand created in 2007.  This brand brings a fine men’s clothing line to Second life, with it’s details and style.  Sartoria is a valuable line of clothes, pants, jackets, ties, shirts and coats, made according to the highest Italian tailoring tradition. The tailoring of clothes is designed to be used in times of gala receptions or business meetings, but their versatility and combination with other pieces from his casual collection also make them more suitable for informal occasions.

WK Ganesvoort

WK Ganesvoort was born in 2007. He quickly learned to shop and sought out all the best that SL had to offer. After about 6 months he discovered Costa Rica Sims and fell in love! The exotic beauty of Costa Rica and the surrounding nature, have kept him here, building and developing his estate and decorating his mansion. His home, Ganesvoort House has won 3 awards on SL for design, landscaping & interiors. It has been featured in “Prim Perfect Magazine” and on “Designing Worlds“. Now that his home is completed, he enjoys entertaining and giving fabulous theme parties, such as, The Great Gatsby ball and Sunset Boulevard event for his many friends on Costa Rica Sims and SL. He is also involved with SL charities and organized a successful home tour during the Christmas Holidays, featuring the finest homes on SL. He loves to open his home for the SL community and welcomes visitors to come and enjoy all the beautiful things he has acquired on SL. He is honored to be a judge for this year, Mr. Costa Rica Sims 2011.

The Mr. Costa Rica Sims 2011 Sponsors……..

Maddox DuPont, Owner of MADesigns & KMADD… a longtime supporter of Costa Rica Sims generously provided some hairstyles for our Mr Costa Rica Sims 2011 Finalist

Finally, we would like to shine spotlight on our wonderful sponsors, these people not only stand by Costa Rica Sims, but also donate gifts to our fabulous new Mr. Costa Rica.  This generous package includes the following gifts :


L$5,000 Gift Card

ba Prefabs

A prefab of your choice from the ba portfolio worth L$5,000

B-Side Couture

L$5,000 Gift Card


Mr. Costa Rica Sims Crown and Scepter worth L$15.000

Cigar Yachts

The XT Boat worth L$7,600


L$2,000 Gift Card

Costa Rica Sims

L$25,000 Cash Prize


L$5000 Gift Card


L$5000 Gift Card

La Galeria

L$2,000 Gift Card


L$5,000 Gift Card


L$5,000 Gift Card

Rebel Hope Designs

L$5,000 Gift Card


L$5,000 Gift Card

SF Design

L$5,000 Gift Card


L$3,000 Gift Card

T&T Designs and Consulting



L$2,000 Gift Card + L$3,000 Cash Price

TOTAL: L$116,600 in cash and prizes


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