The Garment Rack: eStyle Old School New School

Temp eStyle 0829_001, originally uploaded by Tempest Hennesy.

Settle in for story time. I’ll try to curb my verbosity. Here’s a story of women coming into Second Life for the first time and having a friend style her. Now, this woman was a Woman of Color… we’ll call her a Black woman and wanted to be one in SL too. Unfortunately, in 2007, realistic chocolate was far and few between; being either a blue-grey or something called dark or mocha but was about as dark as vanilla ice cream.

One day, this soon-to-be model and her friend found a place that created beautiful skins… but what made these skins beautiful, besides the actual handiwork?  Well, they were modifiable!  She could darken the skin so that she appeared as close to her shade of Chocolate as Second Life would allow!

Now what, you may ask, does this have to do with eStyle and the above picture?  Introducing a new line of old school abilities in some beautifully made skins by Dragos Janus.  With subtle shade enhancements to lend a bit of realism, the one thing that really got this blogger was the old school ability to slip into appearance, adjust a slider, and become darker or lighter depending on your tastes.

In an environment where, if the shop is popular enough, 10001 people end up looking almost the same; with very few variation, it was nice to be able to make one’s skin shade as unique as the sliders would allow.  The new eStyle skins come in names such as Athens Manila, Paris and Venice, and are definitely worth a look-see.

Shape:  Fiona (preview) by T&T Designs and Consulting
Skin:   Athens X3 – tan by [eStyle Exquisite]
Hair:   Con Panna by LoQ Hairs
Outfit: Bikini Paulina (Bottom) by C.Smit
Accessories:  Takara Buddah Bangle and Nails by [MANDALA]
Shoes:  Bare Bridgitte by Stiletto Moody


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