The Garment Rack: Totally Tat Tattanooga!

While Viewer 2 makes it’s way across the grid, raising blood pressure and inciting bouts of cursing in several different languages… and all still in BETA, one of the few positive things to come out of the new format is the ability to wear tattoo layers!

Temp JadorTat 0328_001

If you’re like me, and a few of you may be, you enjoy the quasi-realism that a cleavage enhancer offers especially for those plunging necklines.  For the longest time, though, we who also enjoy tattoos have had to choose between not looking like we’ve got breast implants from hell and those inky symbols of self expression.  With Viewer 2, there’s no longer that problem (though another will come up but I’ll rant on that in another issue 😉 ).

While many have yet to take advantage of that new layer others, like mariomecula Porta of Tattanooga, have dove into the proverbial pool and started splashing around with fantastic results.
Temp Tattanooga 0328_017

From the Modern Geisha or Pierrot style of full face makeup, like the Venice Mask (shown), to gorgeous tattoos, you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes and imagination.  Also included in the mix, at Jador Design’s main shop sim, you can even find a variety of make ups for those times when your skin make ups don’t quite have the eyeshadow color, or Gothic expression you’re looking for.  All for phenomenal prices!

Hurry on down and get yours!  Tattoos are available for both men and women!

NB:  All residents can see the tattoo layer, with or without viewer 2 but you will need the new viewer to be able to wear it.

Shape:  by [I.N.X.X] Body Institute in SL (altered)
Skin:   Tasha2 by LAQ, Venice Mask – Moon (tattoo layer makeup) by Tattanooga
Hair:   Last Waltz by Vanity Hair
Outfit: Aurora Dress by SOURCE

Shape:  by [I.N.X.X] Body Institute in SL (altered)
Skin:   Tasha2 by LAQ, Like the Air (tattoo layer tattoo) by Tattanooga
Hair:   Genie by TRUTH
Outfit: Gemini Black Sheer Thong by Blacklace


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