Stiletto Moody welcomes baby Moody with – Gift & 40% sale

Did you know?  I sure as anything didn’t but I’ll celebrate and encourage you, all, too!  Stiletto Moody had a baby BOY!  YAY!


To celebrate I have made you all a wonderful commemorative bracelet…
a  gift from me to you and thank you for all your kind wishes & support during my pregnancy

To celebrate FURTHER we have also thrown the doors open for an impromptu 40% off “Baby Welcome” sale – a rare occasion and one that we want to celebrate with all our customers and friends for their good wishes and support.

So come and collect your gift at the:
Stiletto Moody BARE Boutique – where you will also find shoes with BAREfoot and also new releases, or at
Stiletto Moody Factory Outlet – where you will also find shoes without BAREfoot and deals

Of course its for Stiletto Moody Shoes group members as thats where the family love is, and I hope you enjoy the bracelet and remember to watch our little peanut grow

So in a big BABY celebration…
In a unique and unprecedented way for us at Stiletto Moody…
My newer 2010 line is on a BIG 40% discount sale well ahead of the end of the season.
But hey its an unusual even – and i want you to feel the love

So please enjoy these never before seen prices on the following hot 2010 ranges and indeed everything else in the boutiques:

All accessories bought for a shoe can be applied to any shoe in that style

Lots of love
Stiletto & Feather
& the team at Moody

Discount does not included already discounted Colorsets not Gifts and while you pay full price you will receive an immediate 40% rebate if your Stiletto Moody Group tag is active.


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