The Garment Rack: Asiatic Gems of Jador

Temp Jador Liang Zhao Mu 0310_010

One of the things I love about Second Life fashion (no not the drama! ;)) is the ability to see the boundaries of fantasy pushed while keeping some semblance of virtual reality.  One place that that is especially evident has always been within the lines of ziamela Loon’s Jador Fashion.

Sidestepping the snubbery of satellites, I found myself in the grand opulence of the Jador main clothing store.  It had grown so much since my first adventure there that I just had to stop in and see what new she had for the season.  I was not disappointed!

Shown, is the Liang Zhao Mu outfit that I found absolutely adorable.  The golden lion epoulettes, and bracelets only added to the air of Asian dynasty with a very modern twist.  Combined with the Bare Mae by Stiletto Moody it was the perfect bow to a beautiful, modern, culture and a nod to the long legacy that it came from.

The included jewelry are all resizeable, with deletable scripts.  Unfortunately, they’re no copy so future resizing is done the old fashion way.

Jador Fashion main store

Shape:  by [I.N.X.X] Body Institute in SL (altered)
Skin:   Tasha2 by LAQ
Hair:   Lulu by **TUTY’S** & MrSIGMUND CREATIONS
Outfit: Liang Zhao Mu by Jador
Shoes:  Bare Mae by Stiletto Moody


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