The Garmet Rack: BARE Robin Stiletto Moody

Temp SM COCO 0308_012

It’s a shameful thing when, due to life and all, little pretties from long time supporters and friends fall victim to the curse that is Second Life(tm) inventory; just because said inventory is big enough to lose GOD and SL has a way of making things disappear when you crash often enough like it had with the Bare Robin booties that dancer Dallagio of Stiletto Moody had sent me!

Deep breaths!  Have no fear!  I did manage to locate the present, albeit days later and I just have to share it with you… in case you may have been amongst the few caught under that rock and not hear of the grand event!

As many who follow me, inworld or out, may know I’ve got a little thing for shoes.  I’m very picky when it comes to my footwear and Stiletto Moody has been a favorite from near the very beginning.  As one of the pioneers to bring us the prim feet series of shoes (at least those that got past my uber picky radar), Stiletto Moody only gets better with every new release.

With the smooth leather detailing, the diamond quilting and, of course, the ability to store your presets, can anyone go wrong with a pair of SM’s?  I don’t honestly think so.  Gifting is available at the main store so… ladies?  Gentlemen?  I’ve got mine.  Time to get your own!

Stiletto Moody BARE

Shape:  by [I.N.X.X] Body Institute in SL (altered)
Skin:   Tasha2 by LAQ
Hair:   Isle by >Truth<
Outfit: Balloon Pants & Sleeveless Blouse by *COCO*
Shoes:  Bare Robin by Stiletto Moody


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