Temptable Moves

It’s been two, wonderful, years since the inception of this BLOG starting with the push and tug of my dear friend Una Ewing of EFA. Through this medium you, the reader, has seen the different aspects of Second Life(tm) fashion and myself; the ups and downs, the good pics and bad. You’ve even seen me going from the subject of many brilliant photographers, to a pretty darn good one, in my own right. I’m still learning, too!

As time moves on, and people grow and change, it’s time to draw this party to a close.  It’s not a sad occasion, by any means, though!  As some of you may know, I’m partnered with the one of the most wonderful people in the world; a man who encourages my every adventure… who tolerates my fiery moods, and who stands beside me no matter what on more levels that I thought possible. He was my friend as he published Essence of SL magazine, inworld, and became much more near two years later.

While the magazine is, now, found only in back issues on XStreet, the associated blog is going strong so, as this curtain closes I am proud to announce that Temptable Times will be moving to Essence of SL BLOG.  There, you will continue to find The Garment Rack and, of course, my color and sometimes opinionated views of life, fashion and SL itself.

So please come join me on Essence of SL for of Temptable Times’ The Garment Rack and so much more.  Remember,while we generally review what we like, if you want something specific reviewed:

* Please contact Tempest Hennesy in world by notecard or email her at tempestation@gmail.com
* Please contact Takeshi Kiama in world by notecard or email at takeshikiama@gmail.com


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