The Garment Rack: Chanktare Touring 2010

Temp ChantKare 0111_003, originally uploaded by Tempest Hennesy.

While Second Life(r) can be considered a mecca of virtual fashion, there are only a handful of good designers who one can honestly say steps outside the box, virtual or otherwise, to bring us fashions that can hold a touch of the classic mixed with a general helping of the original. Chantkare, I have to say, can be counted amongst that number.

Temp ChantKare 0111_010

Just as the holidays were ending, I was made privy to one more pleasant surprise; a surprise to both myself and all of you! Whispers of ‘soon to be released’ sang in my ears as I opened these boxes and, to my absolute delight, I found these three outfits by none other than Applonia Criss of Chantkare.

This month, Applonia brings you Touristmo with it’s hint at harlequin merriment; Tourista which adds understated style to the professional wardrobe and Tourist which gives a feminine twist to traditionally masculine lines. All three are sure to make a fantastic addition to your wardrobe and get you ready for the season ahead.

Temp ChantKare 0112_002

Get yours today!


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