The Garment Rack: !RFyre Warmings

Temp Rfyre 0310, originally uploaded by Tempest Hennesy.

Turkey and mistletoe, champagne and countdowns. A year’s end of merriment draws to a close as we welcome in a new decade. What has not drawn to a close, though, is the winter season, in some hemispheres and Raven Pennyfeather, of !Rfyre celebrates the chill as only they can.

Keshi Rfyre 0103

With another dance away from their stylishly Goth lines, RFyre pushes away the winter chill with the Winter Sweater sets for both men and women.  With rich tones of aubergine, forest and brown they are sure to add warmth enough to keep you toasty until the blossoms bloom.  These sets come with two versions of the scarf; intricate lace and wool,a lace Kango-style hat for the ladies, and a pointed tuque for the fellas.  Add !RFyre’s Unisex Leather pants to the sweater set and you have a versatile combination for near any tastes.

RFyre has been one of my favorites from the start and they keep on proving why they will remain so for many fashion seasons to come.  What are you waiting for?  Stop in at !RFyre for your set today!


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