The Garment Rack: DCNY Getting Ready for the Holiday Newness!

Temp DCNY 1206_010

Shape: by [I.N.X.X] Body Institute in SL (altered)
Skin: Yin Midnight by LionSkin
Hair: Ula Hair by LeLutka
Outfit: Ivanka Jacket – Red, Basic Jeans – Black by DCNY
Shoes: Prestige Boots by BAX

Holiday time may be closer than we realize, especially with so few weeks between now and party central; Christmas eve, New Year’s Even and all those other eves you, or your lady, will be needing outfits for. Perhaps it’s a bit of bias on my part, but I just love the chic and simple elegance of New York Style. Sounds good to you? Well look no further than our very own Dave Casenova of DCNY.

Gorgeous jewel and holiday colors ring in the season with DCNY’s usual style and taste. Stunning lines and never an over abundance of attachments makes the wearing all the more pleasant an experience, and Dave certainly does not disappoint.

Temp DCNY 1206_021

Shape: by [I.N.X.X] Body Institute in SL (altered)
Skin: Yin Midnight by LionSkin
Hair: Shiela by Bishwear
Outfit: Miranda Blue Gown by DCNY (Also available in Red and Green, perfect for the holidays!)
Shoes: Lauren by Stiletto Moody

I was fortunate to have been granted a sneak peek on what’s to come so, ladies, get those racing stilettos on. Gentlemen? Well, do what you do when your ladies find The Perfect outfit for that night out. The rest of you? What are you waiting for? I’m sure there’s someone on your list who deserves a DCNY.


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