T&T – Where Da Boyz Are

Mischief, mischief, mischief!

What mischief have I, or should I say we, been up to? Well venturing into yet another aspect of this, our Second Lives(tm)! This time, under the banner of “T&T Designs and Consulting (2009) (c)”, husband and wife team Takeshi and Tempest Kiama have added their experience in SL’s fashion industry, and their RL artistic ability, and brought about the first line of their ‘body business’.

Gentlemen! This one’s for you!

Owners Tempest Hennesy and Takeshi Kiama have had a, combined, experience of six plus years in the Second Life(tm) fashion industry.  Combined with their real world artistic abilities, and the invaluable advice of Ohren Beck of I.N.X.X., each shape has been painstakingly created to be proportionally balanced and  as realistic as SL will allow.

With the philosophy that, compared to the standard building, Second Life metrics are a bit off, these shapes may appear exceedingly tall but when, for example, compared to the door frame of the average prefab home, they are perfectly ‘normal’.

Now available on XStreet!


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