Official Press Release: Atlantis Modeling Agency

Atlantis Modelling Agency

Date: October 1, 2009


After 3 years and 30+ shows Atlantis Modelling Agency CEO and founder Valerie McDunnough has decided to end her work at the agency and focus on her real life.

The agency will however continue its long and proud history of showing under the management of new CEO Eria Ziemia and CO-CEO’s Tempest Hennesy and Takeshi Kiama.

Eria Ziemia has been working within the fashion indusry of SL for 3 years, gaining a lot of experience from positions such as marketer at Aspire to modeling, to Administrative Manager of “Essence of SL” magazine. In addition she has been involved with event organizing as well as working as hostess moving up to senior manager at venues like Dublin in SL.

Takeshi Kiama has been involved with fashion world in numerous ways, from model to photographer to writer and blogger. In 2007 Takeshi Kiama founded “Essence of SL” magazine. Though no longer published, its blog Essence of SL has enjoyed a long and healthy readership and is still maintained to this day.

Takeshi and Eria both been a part of Atlantis for over 2½ years and working closely with Valerie McDunnough. While Tempest is a new addition to Atlantis, she brings a lot of experience from walking the catwalk and working in several agencies such as Ewing, Timeless and Sxy2nd, including being CO-CEO of UVogue in the past.

The trio has a lot of ideas and visions to bring the agency into a new era and will be working hard in the coming months on reorganizing and making plans for the agency and the first show after the turn-over.

Contacts: Eria Ziemia, Tempest Hennesy, Takeshi Kiama


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