Goodbye to Something Good

SXY2ND_September 2009_Cover, originally uploaded by Anessa Stine.

SL is full of many fantastic publications; each with their own draw and demographics. SXY2nd, though, in the hands of Anessa Stine, Jackson Vantelli and their devoted staff truly had mine but, with their September issue, came the end of a short-lived but wonderful run.

Many of the magazines in SL like to focus on the fashion or try to get to, and ahead of, the myriad of events. Some focus on the specialty markets and still more focus on the fetishes. Few, though, focus on the pure enjoyment of the avatar and what it really takes to make one feel good about themselves, how the world perceives them and what it takes to get them there. SXY2nd, though, was one of those.

So, with a heavy heart, and a sighed satifsfaction at a good run, we bid them farewell. Will there be another attempt to fill the demographic? There’s no such thing as a new mousetrap. We can only sit, wait and see what some of the brilliant minds of our virtu-reality have to offer.


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