The Garment Rack EoSL: Babalicious Boots!

BAX New Boots 0812_002, originally uploaded by Tempest Hennesy.

Being one of those (not-so) strange women who have a Thing(tm) for virtu-realistic shoes of all kinds, and being a blogger, one would think that I would have my own blog focused on the other loves of my life. One would think so, but I prefer to leave that to more talented people than myself like Anessa Stine at On Your Toes. This time, though, I need to make an exception as I just have to share that BAX has done it yet again with their Prestige Boots in black and white.

BAX New Boots 0812_006

For as long as I’ve known Bax (the person as well as the store) they’ve tried to give the buyer the quality and beauty of a good, virtu-realistic pair of boots, like the BAX Ankle Boots, but at a price that will not make people cringe, husbands cower and fashionistas having to balance between wants and needs.

Now, while having yet another pair of gorgeous boots is enough to set me tingling, that isn’t all that has me dancing about. With these new Prestige boots, Bax Coen has tested her own scripting limits and has brought us a smooth operating self-fitting system. Not only can people who actually have shapely calves and ankles finally have boots that fit without having to have a Masters in SL-editing but, worse case scenario, you can remotely have someone help fit it for you; to, perhaps, see the glitches you don’t and help fix them. Frankly, this is long awaited scripting genius and one long wanted and needed.

Ladies, if you haven’t already, I would highly recommend these boots. Gentlemen? The gadget factor, alone, is enough for you to get them for your lady! Well? What are you waiting for? Go! Go! Go to BAX Fine Ladies Boots!


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