The Garment Rack: Bumps & Buns II

Temp LeLutka 0725_007, originally uploaded by Tempest Hennesy.

Over the last few weeks my search for the best quality,stylish and, yes, sexy maternity wear moved steadily on; my poor husband shaking his head and looking for places to hide as stack box after box in our living room… den… bedroom, I have yet to find something that perfectly fit the bill.

A warning to the strict, die hard, fanatical fashionistas that now would be a good time to turn away… if the picture didn’t already make you do so.

Thora Charron is going to hate me, I know, but I can’t hide my absolute delight as she raises the bar, yet again, on the fashions at [LeLutka].  That’s not the part, though, that will have me running from pitch forks and irate fans.  While there are many beautiful styles for the slim, slender and even my norm, the curvy.  I managed a piece, or three, that can work double duty as maternity wear, and even keep the fashionista mom-to-be in the style of which she’d become accustomed.

What message does this send to the designers making these clothes that adapt so beautifully to even this aspect of our Second Lives?  Bravo!  You’ve touched on a market that is equally in need of quality, beautiful, stylish clothing and we thank you!

Temp LeLutka 0728_008a

Mommies-to-be who, in this metaverse, /choose/ to wear the bump, just because it doesn’t show up in a search for “maternity wear” “Pregnancy clothes”, or whatever, don’t overlook it.  You may be passing up on a gem, and a shop that will see you through the bump and back into the svelte modelesque physiques.



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