The Garment Rack: Bumps & Buns

Asiatic Embellishment, originally uploaded by Tempest Hennesy.

It’s a side of SL that we, who model, ofttimes simply look at and, possibly, think how silly. It’s a side of SL that some people, in their virtual realism, take very seriously; after all, it can be a rich part of one’s metaverse. It’s also a part of SL /fashion/ that is often overlooked and left to the wayside. What is it, you may ask? Well…

Maternity wear.

As we pay attention to the latest trends, the hottest new things, the new techniques of creating the most realistic seeming example of modern (post modern and past influenced) fashions our very demand for the creme de la creme pushes designers to explore their boundaries and better their techniques.  Everything from photo realistic textures to perfected seam matching.  Not so with the likes of maternity wear.

Recently, and for reasons that are obvious when I’m not actually on the runway, I’ve made it my personal mission to go in search of stylish, yes… sexy, maternity wear.  After all, a career model has certain standards when it comes to anything we wear, right? Right.  Aside from multi-purposing things already out from our regular designers, and yes some make beautiful maternity.. though I’m sure a few would cringe at that use of their ideas… there was nothing short of Noob-wear for those with a little bun in the oven.  That’s not to say that they don’t exists; I have found one or two, but for the most part it’s a market barely touched upon but widely sought after.

Amongst the one or two designers who, purposefully, thought of mommies-to-be, Mischief Parveau, of Freak Fantasion Fashion came up with some sexy and stylish creations that can go from first term all the way up to, one would imagine, post natal.  Some may have never heard of Freak Fantasion Fashion, or some may remember it from the good days before the likes of Freesoul/DeeTaleZ, One Soul and Inimitably but Mischief has been one of those constants in urban wear.  Now, as I find myself filling out more and more, I am grateful to have kept that LM handy… and they’ve been in the same place for over two years.  That, alone, says a lot to me.

So, all you secret (you know who you are!) fashionista mommies-to-be!  You don’t have to sacrifice style and, yes, sexiness for that bump your partner really does find as alluring as you are.   Visit Freak Fantasion Fashions!

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