The Garment Rack EoSL: Auspicious Beginnings & DCNY Girl July 09

DCNY Girl - July 09

Making my debut, or re-debut, here, I figured I’d start with a little bit of self promotion.  Since it’s said that idle hands are devil’s work, I’ve managed to keep myself busy since stepping down from a super administrative position. It’s given me the chance to get back to the one thing I love almost as much as partner in all… modeling!

This time the opportunity comes in the form of being elected as this month’s (July 09) DCNY girl! I have to say that I am very excited about this position. Owned by Dave Casanova, DCNY carries from casual to formal, to skins. All well crafted and well thought out. While most of SL fashion have very definite European influences, and there’s not a thing wrong with that, it’s nice to see a North American, east coast (to me, anyway), flavor to clothing, and DCNY have definitely captured that.

It’s only going to be for a month but do look out for more from DCNY, and me, during that time and definitely stop in! It’s worth the teleport!

DCNY Clothing Co. Main Store


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