The Garment Rack: Hair Fair 2009 – Locks of Love

HairFair09 AD 0624_001, originally uploaded by Tempest Hennesy.

This week (starting June 20th, 2009) Second Life fashionistas have been treated to the 4th annual Hair Fair benefiting Locks of Love (… an organization even my RL 16 year old daughter cut off her hair to donate to. In spite of the horrific lag, the constant shouting to remove ao’s, and nagging people about their ARC’s, the turn out was, and continued to be, fantastic. Many of SL’s fashion elites set up shop for those of us who have found ourselves running the virutal treadmill of same style same shop.

HairFair09 kMADD 0624_006

While getting all that caught my fancy would probably send myself and my husband into bankruptcy, I did manage to get away with some awesome finds; two of the many being from KMADesigns and Analog Dog (both featured in my pictures but with so much more to choose from you can certainly pick up where I had to leave off. Remember me when you all are rocking those fantastic looks and, remember, your purchase helped a little girl or boy, just out of chemo, feel fantastic about themselves!


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