The Garment Rack: Limited Edition Blessings!

BlissLTDb_010, originally uploaded by Tempest Hennesy.

These days, more and more, people… models… supermodels have been finding themselves less of a relatively original statement, and more of a cookie cutter version of everyone else. Yes, it is our jobs to set example for how the designers have wanted their clothing seen and, perhaps, worn with a bit of mixing and matching but it is also our jobs to try to be a little avante garde; to be able to /set/ that example. With more designers putting what’s already been out (sometimes for months) into current shows, remaing ahead of the game has become more and more of a challenge for my Sisters and Brothers of industry.

Amutey DeCuir to the rescue! Bliss Couture ( has taken a stand that I’ve seen more and more of the designers with a finger on the pulse of their demographics have taken. They have taken a piece or two; yes, some from existing styles, added a little this or that… everything from a different, vibrant, color to length to layers, and made it a Limited Edition. Now, the words “Limited Edition” have been used, reused and overused to absolute DEATH but here’s the curb that I loved. Bliss Couture limited the amount of these gowns to be sold…. AND she didn’t ask for some ridiculously outrageous price (we’re models. y’all pay us. we don’t make THAT much).

So, I say BRAVO to Amutey DeCuir and other designers who have followed suit. It’s the little things that show us that they might actually give an fluff about the models who represent them (paid and voluntary) and the clientele they serve.



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