Tempest Hennesy Leaves UVogue Fashion & Modeling Agency


Tempest Hennesy  Leaves UVogue Fashion & Modeling Agency

May 18, 2009 – Effective immediately, Tempest Henesey, co-CEO of UVogue Fashion & Modeling Agency (previously known as InStyle Fashion Agency) and Dean of the UVogue Fashion Modeling Academy, has resigned her duties with the agency and the modeling school.  According to Ms. Hennesy,  ” due to a difference in management styles, I have decided to step down.  I would like to thank all of you, past and present for the time we’ve spent together, and the shows we’ve produced.  I wish all of UVogue and their partners the very best for the future.”

Ms. Hennesy was previously Model Training Manager with the Ewing Fashion Agency and is also a well-known top model in Second Life.  Having worked her way through the fashion industry, from an unknown to modeling creations from some of SL’s best designers, she has a very complete understanding of the fashion community.  Her 15 years of real world fashion and entertainment experience adds additional expertise to the second life fashion industry.  She has  taught some of the best and has been influenced by some of the best and thus,  been able to perpetuate a high standard of excellence amongst the industry’s top fashion models.

What’s next on her agenda for this incredibly talent woman?  Ms. Hennesy will be returning to the one thing she loves best —  Fashion Modeling,  “…modeling on the runway, in print, in video, on tv, whenever I have an opportunity to do what I do best in the industry I love.” was the final statement made by Ms. Hennesy

UVogue inquiries should be sent to:
Ohren Beck
CEO,  UVogue Fashion & Modeling Agency



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