The Garment Rack: Remember When – Last Call Review

As I continue to search the grid for what designers of quality, existing and up and coming, are producing a spring/summer 09 line that resembles modern fashion trends I had to go through the process of cleaning out my 44k inventory so that I could find anything new. One would be amazed how much 44k inventory pieces could actually hide (no, not all of those are shoes, either!)

Last Call Review Aphrodite

Amongst the high designer names, found freebies and lucky finds from the lesser knowns, there was one folder that stood out. Granted, the very quantity of things in it would have been enough to stand out but that wasn’t it. What made it stand out was because it was from the, now, vanished design house of “LAST CALL: Haute Couture”. In my newbie days, that was Da Bomb for haute couture. Things were affordable, well made and allowed me to easily transition from a neighborhood girl to a runway potential. The passing of one of their beloved team and scandal surrounding their departure aside, I have to say that this was one design house that I was sorry to see go.

Last Call Review Anamaria (orchid)

…and these are just a small few. See the rest of The Garment Rack collection on my Flickr as I attempt to catalogue my folder and see what can easily transition into this season.


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