The Garment Rack: Winter’s Chill

It’s not often that I look into elaborate costuming unless it’s to be worn to an event, but the first time I saw this was on ziamela Loon, herself, when she’d just created it. There was such a fantasy about it that in those very moments how I would do a portrait with it began springing to mind.

This gown came with a silver underskirt and snowy textured overskirt. The near transparent to and leggings added a bit of sexiness to the ensemble while the staff and crown, also in sparkling silver, kept true to the fantasy. Nevermind feeling like a princess, this one can make you feel like a queen. Did I mention, though, that this is only available at Mimi’s Choice until September 21st with Jador Design’s fall line? Oopsie.

Outfit: Ice Queen – Jador Designs
Hair: Puma – Laqroki
Skin: KA Skins – Dark Tan – [KA] DESIGNS
Eyes: Happy in Blue – Mad Designs


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