The Garment Rack: All That Glitters

I should probably stop coming up with such corny titles but this one just seemed to jump to mind when I look at this dress and the resulting image.

Well, it’s that time again for designers to be influenced by a bit of tradition. Nothing wrong with that, I say. Jador Designs happens to be one of those very designers for which I’m glad. The fall line is on sale only at Mimi’s Choice and only until September 21st.

What love about this particular outfit is attention to texture and detail. I didn’t show it, but the ‘bow’ overlay is actually a jacket layer so that the outfit can be worn as a beautifully simple spaghetti strap. What might not be as event, but needing equal mention, are the sparkling ‘gems’ along the leg, chest and back that aren’t part of the dress texturing but as actual attachments. Simple and elegant.

Dress: Sensation II – Jador Designs
Hair: Prue – House of Heart
Skin: KA Skins – Dark Tan – [KA] DESIGNS
Eyes: Custom by Redgrave


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