DANGER: Curves Ahead

Curves Ahead

Originally uploaded by Tempest Hennesy

I’ve seen it over and over again and, for the most part, ignored it over and over again. After all, how people choose to live their lives is their business; even within the fashion industry of both RL and SL.

I am, though, had it up to the proverbial here with hearing ‘Wow! Tempest is Curvy!’. Hell, yes, I’m curvy. Curvy AND successful. My body mass is well above 0, as is my musculature. My behind doesn’t even go down to 0 for a prim skirt, though I do keep it low enough to not look like I’ve got a 16-wheeler behind me.

Everyone has their idea of beautiful. For the better part, I try to leave people to theirs. I expect, though, to have mine left the HELL alone; especially by people who I have surpassed on many an occasion. Tyra Banks was, and still is, a beautiful not size 2 model. She’s not even a size 6 and has graced runways all over the world; and then some. The first black model to be, solo, on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine. To be blunt… guess what? Twiggy is passé, and even she’s gained weight.

So, the next time my ‘curves’ come into question, consider this: Not only is the likelihood that I’ll hear it high… remember that these curves are dangerous and ever climbing higher.


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