Oh, Hell to the No!

Y’know, it bothers me no end when one of the very backbones of commerce in SL and, especially, in this industry that I love comes under threat.  It bothers me on an even more personal level when the people, and businesses, under attack are those I both respect and call friend.

Thanks to the thievery of a few talentless imbeciles the hard work and dedication of  a few of our skin merchants has been put up in their shops for sale under their names.   This isn’t the first time this sort of thing has happened but enough is enough.  It’s time that the PtB actually DID something about it.  They can close our banks, stop our casinos but they can’t seem to stop THEFT of hard work of our designers who help float THEIR economy?  That’s going beyond ridiculous.

I don’t blame the likes of Emilia Redgrave or Minnu Palen for taking the step to not put their wares on the market until something is done.  They, and all designers; be it of skin, clothing, boots, jewelry and accessories, and hair have worked too damned hard for too damned long for it to be taken without so much as a thought.  Taken and called someone else’s prim for prim, pixel for pixel, texture for texture. 

They’ve worked too hard and they deserve our support or, at least, mine.

  Looking Glass article

Minnu Palen’s Blog


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