EFADA: Temptable Closet

Let’s start this out with a bit of a bang… a peek inside my closet and what it takes to pull it together. This may turn into one of many but let’s start off small and see where it leads.



Finally relatively sane after my one day’s down time after the award’s show, I can sit back and reflect more on the beauty and wonder of the event. Near everyone wore their SL-Oscar; beautiful and breath taking.


In keeping with award’s ceremony tradition we, too, were dressed to the splendid nines. Helping me with this was none other than Leezu Baxter, of LBD – LeeZu Baxter Designs. I was so excited when she had offered to create something for me; so honored to be able to wear one of my favorite designers on such a momentous occasion. The gown was an elegant black, floor length number in the same style as her recently released Kali Flexi Dress. Leezu’s carte blanche, though, added just that special touch to make it even more glamorous from the gold, bronze and white texture to the gold sequined bustier and body overlay on chest, belly and leg.


While the evening was very much about the prize winning designers, I could not help but walk away feeling like a winner, myself. I look forward to next year!



Hair: Diversity Hair – Countess

Skin: Minnu Model Skins – MMSTanDark-Gray

Shape: .::MADesigns::. – BEATRICE (modified)

Eyes: Redgrave – SANDS bigger iris 2 *REDGRAVE* (custom)

Shoes: Sylfie’s Prim Seduction – *SM* “Embraced”



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